Bulls sign and trade for CJ Watson

 By Philip Kay

The Bulls and Warriors have agreed on a sign and trade involving CJ Watson. The Bulls will send the lower one of their 2nd round picks next season in exchange for a sign and traded Watson. The deal is 3/10.2 million with only the first two being guaranteed. Watson will give Rose and backup and a scoring punch off the bench. The Bulls will now look to add some more frontcourt depth and possibly another wing player.


Bulls should consider adding Shaq

By Philip Kay

With Brad Miller signing a 3 year 15 million dollar contract with the Houston Rockets, the Bulls are left without a quality backup center. Though Omer Asik could turn into a solid NBA player, chances are he’s not ready to take on big minutes this year. Options such as Kurt Thomas have been discussed, but no other remaining free agent could have as big of an impact as Shaq. Shaq’s options are diminishing with Atlanta stating they have no interest in signing him and Dallas already having Brendan Haywood and Tyson Chandler at the center position.

If Shaq really wants to continue playing, it appears as if he’d have to accept taking on a lesser role. By joining the Bulls, Shaq might still end up seeing a fair amount of starts. With Boozer’s injury history,O’Neal could end up getting more playing time here in Chicago than anywhere else in the case where Boozer misses a large portion of games. The Bulls could simply slide Noah to the power forward position and bring Shaq in at center, keeping that low post presence in the starting 5. Also, whenever Noah were to get into foul trouble, especially in crucial situations such as the playoffs, Shaq could step in and provide solid minutes. The Bulls should not rely on Kurt Thomas and Omer Asik to bring it in those situations. For the same reasons Cleveland brought in O’Neal, the Bulls could definitely use him against Dwight Howard’s big body. Noah still had trouble with Howard in the regular season, despite his great off-season.

He might not be the old Shaq, but his presence is still felt. He still shot 57% from the floor and provided solid rebounding numbers for the playing time he saw. Now the level of interest Shaq has in this situation is unclear, but the Bulls are interested as they are currently in talks with him along with Kurt Thomas, Jason Williams, and Matt Barnes.


Bulls sign Ronnie Brewer

The Chicago Bulls have reached a 3 year, 12 million dollar deal with Ronnronnie-brewer-shot.jpgie Brewer.  This is a good, quick signing for the Bulls on the day that Orlando matched the offer to J.J. Redick.  The Bulls were in talks Orlando’s Matt Barnes and Jason Williams.  Barnes looks less likely now with the signing of Brewer.

By Tech

7.16.10   1:05 p.m


Bulls target Morrow

a_morrow3.jpgBy Victor Bellan (Tech)

The Bulls will contact Anthony Morrow of the Golden State Warriors.  Morrow, a restricted free agent, is exactly what the Bulls need.  He is a deadly 3-point shooter who can spread the floor for Derrick Rose.  He’s also young and athletic and a player who can grow with the nucleus in place.   The one issue is the Warriors can match any offer the Bulls give being that Morrow is a restricted free agent.  Its unknown whether the Bulls will be willing to slightly overpay for Morrow.  In order to grab him and to have the best chance for the Warriors not to match, we would likely have to give a 5 year, 25-30 million dollar deal (which is the max he can recieve). 

With the way this offseason is going with over paid contracts, it might be neccessary to give Morrow such a deal.  I mean, even Drew Gooden was able to get 5 years, 30 million.  It really might turn out to be a great investment anyway, Morrow is young and could end up being a steal in the long run.

If the Bulls aren’t willing to pay for Morrow or fear the Warriors will match, look for the Bulls to sign more obvious and lesser options, such as Kyle Korver, whom the Bulls have been in contact with.  Other players the Bulls have discussed include Mike Miller, Ronnie Brewer, J.J. Redick (who is also restricted), Matt Barnes, Roger Mason, Rasual Butler, Quentin Richardson and Wesley Matthews (restricted).

 Lastly, the Bulls are exploring trade options.  Michael Redd of the Bucks is an option which is actively being explored but the Bulls are trying to find out as much information as possible about his health status.  They may also look into Gilbert Arenas, who is clearly available and could easily be had, but Bulls management is split on the possibility.  Some believe we should trade for Arenas to send a message to the Heat that the Bulls are for real about competing and to match their aggressive approach.  Yet torn on the idea of bringing in someone of such bad character to the locker room.  Arenas’ character, past health issues and contract are ultimately what could hold the Bulls back on that option.


Bulls, Boozer agree to terms

 By Philip Kay

Shorty after Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade announced that they would sign with the Miami Heat, the Bulls locked up Carlos Boozer for 5 years around $75 million. Boozer, a 6-9 power forward out of Duke, posted 19.5 points and 11.2 rebounds this past season for the Utah Jazz. The Bulls had targeted Boozer last summer offering Tyrus Thomas and Jerome James, but the Bulls and Jazz never managed to agree to terms.

Lebron James will announce his decision at 8pm CT on an hour long ESPN special coverage. The Bulls are hoping Lebron chooses them, but they aren’t the only team in the hunt. Rumorpress will post updates on the situation, if they become available.


Carlos Boozer: Not a free agency failure


By Philip Kay

As we complete the first week of free agency, we still have nearly as much uncertainty as we did in the first week. The big three are still out there, while backup options such as Amar’e Stoudemire and Joe Johnson have made commitments elsewhere. If Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh choose to go somewhere other than Chicago, the Bulls would likely be left with Carlos Boozer and someone like J.J. Redick or Anthony Morrow. There is a huge dropoff in talent, but the worse case scenario does not mean failure.

Carlos Boozer, a 28 year old power forward out of Duke, is considered to be injury prone and simply isn’t regarded as a marquee free agent by many. Though he has been plagued by injuries in his 8 year NBA career, 3 out of his last 4 seasons he has managed to stay relatively healthy. Dwyane Wade, for example, has missed a large number of games in 3 out of his 7 NBA seasons, yet the idea of him being injury prone seems to be forgotten by many.

Skill wise, Boozer is one of the best rebounders in the game. He averages double digit rebounds for his career and finished as the 5th best rebounder this past season.  In his introductory news conference, coach Tom Thibodeau stressed the importance of rebounding and with Noah and Boozer as your starting bigs, there’s little chance they lose the rebounding battle against their opponents. Boozer is also a terrific low post player, which the Bulls have been lacking for many many years. He shoots 54% from the floor for his career and averaged 56%  just last season, ranking 6th for the 2009-2010 season. Every point guard needs his big man, and this would give Derrick Rose one of the best in the league. Boozer is also a decent mid-range shooter allowing him and Rose to run the pick and pop at times.

Adding someone like J.J. Redick, Anthony Morrow, Ray Allen or Kyle Korver would also be great help for Derrick Rose. Since the departure of Ben Gordon, Derrick Rose hasn’t had a reliable 3 point shooter to play with and signing one of the top shooter in the league would help spread the floor for him and prevent teams from packing it in inside. Althought it’ll be nice to have Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, or Lebron James, having Carlos Boozer and a sharp shooter isn’t too bad itself. All we can do now is wait and see what goes down.


Free Agency Rumor Madness

lebron-james.jpgBy James Lauren

Okay, so a few days ago we had Lebron and Bosh coming to the Bulls as a done deal, now they’re headed to Miami.  We’re also 100% sure that we’re 50% sure Lebron is staying in Cleveland.  Which crazy rumor will be next?  As much as Tech is plugged in, even he admits its impossible for any person to say who is going where as “fact”, its just ridiculous to claim at this point!  I doubt the players have even made a decision on where to go, yet everyone wants to put their say as to what is “going to happen”.  Every sports writer wants the right to say they had the first hand scoop.  The problem is, we wont know for certain until Thursday and beyond, and for many NBA fans, like myself, the rumors can be torturous!  We have endless scenarios pulling us in a thousand directions, one day we have Lebron, the next day he’s playing for Miami, New York, Cleveland etc…  Nobody knows for sure what will happen, but one thing is certain… the Bulls need to put their very best foot forward.. and quickly. 

 Tech has indicated to me, and as many would assume, the Bulls will meet with Bosh and Joe Johnson in the early stages of July 1st.  It hasn’t been discussed much but they plan to meet with Amare Stoudemire early on as well.  The Bulls hope is to have one of the three committed before meeting with LeBron.  The Bulls are fairly confident they can get a committment out of Joe Johnson, with Bosh being the main prize and Amare the wild card.

 The Bulls need to read the situation very carefully.  If you get an “eh” response out of Bosh but hold on hope that he may agree and wait for him, there is a big chance you could lose out on Johnson and Amare, say to the Knicks.  With that said, I dont think the Bulls should screw around with those who are not committed from the get go.  You run the risk of losing out on all the free agents in waiting.  The Bulls have worked long and hard to clear cap space, so secure a player.  If Bosh doesn’t commit on Wednesday night or early Friday morning forget about him.  Take the sure bet in Joe Johnson (or Amare if he were to agree) and move on to Lebron. 

 Bottom line, and I stress, take the first commitment you can get and run with it.  By doing so you have secured at least one piece with the first part of the cap space, with the other part of the cap space secured for Lebron.  As much as it’s rumored that the big FA’s want to see where LeBron will go, the $$$ signs can quickly change their perspective. 

Come Wednesday night at 9:00 p.m. pacific time, mayhem will break lose and the game will begin.  A game in which the most aggressive team wins.  The Bulls cannot sit back and play chess with several scenarios… they must assure commitment from a player early on, either being Bosh (best case), Joe Johnson, Amare Stoudemire.. heck, even Boozer or David Lee, get somebody secured!  Then meet with LeBron… hope for LeBron… and pray for LeBron.


NBA Mock Draft

1.Washington Wizards- John Wall

2.Philadelphia 76ers- Evan Turner

3.New Jersey Nets- Derrick Favors

4.Minnesota T-Wolves- Wes Johnson

5.Sacramento Kings- DeMarcus Cousins

6.Golden State Warriors- Ekpe Udoh

7.Detroit Pistons- Ed Davis

8.L.A. Clippers- Al Farouq Aminu

9.Utah Jazz- Cole Aldrich

10.Indiana Pacers- Greg Monroe

11.New Orleans Hornets- Xavier Henry

12.Memphis Grizzlies- Paul George

13.Toronto Raptors- Patrick Patterson

14.Houston Rockets- Hassan Whiteside

15.Milwaukee Bucks- Larry Sanders

16.Minnesota T-Wolves- Gordon Hayward

17.Chicago Bulls- Elliott Williams

18.Oklahoma City Thunder- Daniel Orton

19.Boston Celtics- Dominique Jones

20.San Antonio Spurs- Luke Babbitt

21.Oklahoma City Thunder- Avery Bradley

22.Portland Trail Blazers- Kevin Seraphin

23.Minnesota T-Wolves Solomon Alibi

24.Atlanta Hawks- Eric Bledsoe

25.Memphis Grizzlies- Jordan Crawford

26.Oklahoma City Thunder- James Anderson

27.New Jersey Nets- Lance Stephenson

28.Memphis Grizzlies- Armon Johnson

29.Orlando Magic- Quincy Pondexter

30.Washington Wizards- Damion James

Philip Kay


Two bloggers added

zdrycpc7mh5teihl10gko8sgf.gifRumor press has added two bloggers to the site.  Each are passionate Chicago Bulls fans and excellent writers who are eager to contribute their opinions on the Bulls.  Philip Kay is a regular on and Realgm and is a well respected message board poster.  James Lauren was a writer for NBA Sports Talk and is an accomplished blogger.  See about Tech for further information. 


Frank the front-runner for head coach

lawrence_frank-3079.jpgThe search for a new Chicago Bulls head coach could continue to be a long, drawn out process.  For the time being, it seems former New Jersey Nets head coach, Lawrence Frank, has emerged as the front runner.  Bulls management seems to love Frank’s past experience, personality and X’s and O’s ability to coach.  Frank spent 6-plus seasons with the Nets.  In addition, if Frank were to be hired it is likely he would look to bring Bill Cartwright back as an assistant coach.  Cartwright is currently an assistant with the Phoenix Suns and former head coach of the Bulls.  Cartwright also was an assistant under Frank in New Jersey.  The idea of bringing Cartwright back as an assistant appeals to Bulls management.


Bringing in Frank seems like a risky move for the Bulls.  Although Frank would bring a better in-game, X and O type of coaching, he doesn’t seem to be the type who would draw high level free agents.  The Bulls need someone with more of a face, a charismatic figure that can act as a spokesperson for the team.  Possibly more of a “players coach”, who has coaching experience and can relate to the players.  The list of coaches available are thin, but candidates such as Doug Collins, Mo Cheeks and Byron Scott seem like more viable options.

Lebron Talk:  No doubt, the Bulls number 1 free agent target will be LeBron James.  On July 1st, the organization will make an all out push to grab the reigning MVP of the league, but they will not wait forever.  The organization fears LeBron will drag on the process of deciding where to go.  Rumor has it LeBron will toy with several teams and will wait long past July 1st before deciding ultimately where to go, while other top free agents sign with teams. This could ultimately leave the Bulls with nothing, and LeBron could very easily resign with Cleveland.  I’ve been told the Bulls will give LeBron a short window to sign with the Bulls, otherwise the team will quickly turn its attention to Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade or Joe Johnson to secure a top player.