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Victor Bellan 

Tech is the screen name for Victor Bellan on the NBA Basketball site Realgm. Tech broke out onto the scene in 2002 as one of Chicago’s top Bulls Insiders, breaking numerous Bulls stories weeks before the news went public.

Tech is noted for breaking several stories days and sometimes weeks beforchicagobullslogo.gife major newspapers had picked up on the stories. Such information includes the Donyell Marshall signing, both Jalen Rose trades, the Eddie Robinson signing, the Jamal Crawford trade, Hoops the Gym information such as Roger Mason Jr’s injury, draft choices such as the picks of Gordon and Deng, fights and confrontations in practice, the Tyson Chandler trade among many other news, information and rumors.

In the 2007-08 season, Tech broke the Ben Wallace for Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden trade. Tech announced the potential deal in December of 2007, almost a full two months before the trade finally went through and was by the far the first person to announce the trade.

Most recently, Tech broke the Brad Miller to Bulls trade and announced the potential idea nearly seven months before the trade occurred.


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