Trade Deadlines Inches Closer

I’ve received a lot of mail on why I haven’t posted any news or information recently with the deadline approaching. Well, the reason is most of the information already out there is everything you need to know about what is happening. And I’m sure most people can figure out which rumors are the far fetched ideas and which are closer to reality.   Let’s recap some of the information though.amare.jpg

1.) We know the Bulls have an offer out to obtain Amare Stoudemire. Which is based around Drew Gooden, Tyus Thomas, probably Thabo, and picks.

The Bulls would love to make this move, but it seems Steve Kerr and the Suns management have cooled on the idea of trading Amare. A deal is somewhat unlikely at this point. That could change Thursday, we’ll see. It’s up to the Suns, and they will wait until the very last minute on Thursday to decide

2) The three way trade that would send Chris Bosh to Chicago is not going to happen. That rumor picked up steam real fast, and I’d say there is about a 1% chance of that happening.

3) Bulls will try to go after Chris Kaman. As we allkaman.jpg know, if the Bulls cant get Stoudemire, they will have a back up plan for someone else. Kaman is the most likely candidate to come to the Bulls. I hear it would probably take Drew Gooden and Tyus Thomas to get him as well.

4) The player the Bulls would most like to trade is Larry Hughes, obviously. The Bulls have several different trade proposals out there, the problem is, will another team finally agree to take Hughes? Trades involving Hughes that the Bulls have discussed with other teams include Hughes for Bobby Simmons, Hughes for Samuel Dalembert, Hughes for Etan Thomas/M. James, Hughes for Quentin Richardson/J. James, and long shot Hughes for Brad Miller. If the Bulls don’t deal Larry, look for them to send him home for the rest of the season.

Keep checking for Breaking News, but at this point, there is not much to break.  Just a whole lot of talk.

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