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Stoudemire to Bulls Update

As we all know, the Bulls and Suns have had lengthy discussions about a possible trade that would send All Star big man Amare Stoudemire to Chicago.  The Bulls are very much in the running to land Stoudemire, as GM John Paxson is willing to package just about any deal with amare_stoudemire1.jpgmutliple players involved to get him, except for Derrick Rose of course.  One scenario that is very possible and has been discussed the most would be a deal that would send Drew Gooden, Tyus Thomas, Thabo Sefoloshia and a 1st round pick to the Suns in exchange for Stoudemire.  However, Steve Kerr would like Joakim Noah added to the deal as well.  Phoenix will continue to talk with other teams to see if they can either find a better deal, or wait and see if the Bulls will add Noah to the trade.  The Bulls want Stoudemire so much, that adding Noah may just happen.  Even then, the ball will still be in the Suns court as they have multiple teams to work with and several deals to weigh out, the highest bidder will win.


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