Raptors and Bulls talk trade

Recent reports around the internet have indicated the Raptors may be interested in striking a deal with the Bulls. I investigated the issue and found th040204_vmed_oneal_8pwidec.jpgere is a lot of truth to the rumors. The Raptors seem very interested in Andres Nocioni and may be willing to deal Jermaine O’neal to the Bulls to get him. A trade that has been discussed involved Nocioni and Larry Hughes going to Toronto with O’neal coming to the Chicago. The Raptors, however, are trying to come up with different variations of deals that would bring Nocioni and Drew Gooden to Toronto. Another deal the teams discussed involved Nocioni, Gooden and Tyus Thomas to Toronto for O’neal and a filler, but the Bulls felt they would be giving up too much. Look for the talks between Toronto and Chicago to heat up the closer we get to the trading deadline, a deal very likely could go down.

Update Apology: To those of you who follow the site, I want to apologize for not updating recently. I have been on vacation so my Bulls information slowed significantly. The closer we get to the trading deadline the more Rumor Press will heat up. Keep checking for updates.


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