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sports_bulls_logo.jpgI recently recieved an e-mail from a Chicago Bulls poster on the NBA websites and  He asked a few questions regarding the Bulls and we came up with the idea of having a Question and Answer with Bulls fans from each forum.  Here is the list of questions I have been given and I am more than happy to give my knowledge on these subjects.  Enjoy.

Will the Bulls make a trade this season?

Very likely.  The Bulls have been very active in talks with other teams, especially early this season.  However, look for a trade to occur closer to the deadline.  There are never any guarantees though.  Trade talks occur all the time, but it can sometimes be very difficult for two sides to agree on a deal.

Are the Bulls showcasing Larry Hughes or do they feel he can play?

They’re not exactly showcasing Larry Hughes, but wouldn’t be opposed to trading him either.  Vinny Del Negro does feel Hughes can contributelarry-hughes.jpg so he will get a good amount of playing time.  Del Negro is also trying to give Hughes some playing time because the Bulls fear if they dont Hughes may become frustrated, complain and want out.  Paxson and Del Negro would rather play him than create a distraction for the team.

Is it true the Wizards are interested in Hughes?

The Wizards were mildly interested, but I wouldnt expect anything to happen.  The Bulls would actually love to ship Hughes to the Wizards but that likely wont happen until the Wizards become more serious in the talks.

Did the Bulls put down an offer for Harrington, Kaman or Randolph? 

The Bulls had interest in all three of these players, but the only serious talks were involved with Harrington and that obviously will not happenchris-kaman.jpgal-harrington.jpg zach-randolph.jpgwith him being shipped to the Knicks.  As reported here on Rumorpress, the Bulls and Warriors engaged in talks almost immedietely after Harrington made his trade demand public.  Though talks fizzled when Hinrich went down with his injuring, and the Warriors really had no interest in Thabo.  The Bulls had minor interest in Randolph but obviously that idea is out, now that he has been sent to the Clippers.  Which leaves Kaman.  Thr Bulls would love to make a trade for Kaman close to the deadline, but the Clippers really have no interest in what the Bulls have to offer.

Are the Bulls thinking 2010?dwyane-wade.jpg

I think the whole league is thinking 2010.  Out of all the free agents available, the Bulls feel they would have the best chance at landing Dwyane Wade.

If the Bulls make a trade, who do you think they would trade with? What players would they be interested in?

As always I will do my best to inform everyone on who the Bulls are interested in and what potential trades have been discussed.  Just continue to visit Rumor Press for the latest information.


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