Gordon to take qualifying offer – Update 10/2/08

Update 10/2/08 – Ben Gordon has signed the 1 year, qualifying offer worth 6.4 million with the Bulls today.

Update 10/1/08 – After initially saying he would take the 1 year qualifying offer, it appears Ben Gordon is still weighing his options. Gordon is mulling over taking the 1 year deal or a long term extension that is on the table. Gordon would still likt1_bengordon.jpge a trade to occur but it seems unlikely because no team is willing to pay what he is asking for. In addition, the Bulls aren’t very interested in the trades on the table anyways (would have to take bad contracts on, too many players involved, not getting much value back, etc.). We will know by the end of the day what Gordon’s decision is because today is the deadline. Whether is be take the QO, the extension, or just sit out all together.

9/28/08 – Finally after months of uncertainty it is now clear what Ben Gordon’s future is with the Chicago Bulls. Gordon will be with the team for at least one more season as he has verbally agreed to take the 1 year qualifying offer worth 6.4 million. Gordon turned down a 6 year 59 million dollar offer and will become an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. The 6 foot 3 Guard could make it official as early as Tuesday. Gordon last season averaged 18.6 points and 3 assists per game. Now that Gordon’s situation is taken care of, look for the Bulls to possibly add another veteran big man or two in the next week.


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