Gordon offered big deal, wont accept

John Paxson has tried his best to work out a fair deal for Ben Gordon, but Gordon wont budge.  The Bulls have offgordon_300_070104.jpgered Gordon a 6 year, 59 million dollar extension.  This seems to be more than fair deal for the Guard, but he feels he is worth more.  Gordon would like a sign and trade for more money, but no teams are interested in giving Gordon even what the Bulls are offering.  In addition, the Bulls havent been interested in what they would recieve in return.  It will be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of weeks.  The worst part of this situation is it’s holding up any other deals the Bulls may want to make.  Paxson has stated that he will not make any roster changes until the Gordon situation is resolved.  So come on Ben, either take the contract extension or sign the qualifying offer so the team can move on with their off season.


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