Bulls exploring sign and trade deals for Gordon

Ben Gordon needs to decide between basically four different options. The first is for the Bulls to signben-gordon.jpg-and-trade Gordon, which is a definite possibility. GM John Paxson has recently had disscussion with multiple teams. The Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns and New Orleans Hornets are the most recent teams trying to work out a sign-and trade for Gordon. The second option for Gordon is to sign the qualifying offer sheet, play out one more year and become an un-resricted free agent. If the Bulls cannot swing a trade, look for this to most likely happen. The third option would be for Gordon to sign an extension for less money than what he feels hes worth. This likely will not happen unless Gordon suddenly has a change of heart and realizes what the Bulls are offering is actually a pretty fair deal. The last option for Gordon is to leave for Europe, which is the least likely of them all. Gordon has mainly mentioned Europe to hopefully grab the Bulls attention.

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