Trade deadline scenarios

17186a44f20006256d2acd96d4bad31e-getty-103893940eg015_houston_rock.jpgThe Bulls are actively talking with several teams about multiple scenarios as the trade deadline looms closer. The biggest question is, will the Bulls sacrifice team chemistry to find a shooting guard? We will find out for sure by tomorrow afternoon. In the meantime, here is what’s being discussed as we speak.

 Courtney Lee remains the biggest possibility, with the Bulls having an outside chance at O.J. Mayo. The problem with getting Mayo is Memphis seems less interested in trading him. The ball is in their court. While Houston, on the other hand, is more willing to talk. Who knows, things can change very quickly as the deadline inches closer.

 The Bulls want Courtney Lee without messing up the chemistry of the team. However, the Rockets remain adamant on receiving a young big man in return. The most recent talks have the Rockets sending Courtney Lee and Brad Miller to the Bulls in exchange for Keith Bogans and Omer Asik. The Bulls like the idea of getting the two guard they covet while receiving a veteran big man (who is familiar with the team) in Miller coming back to the Bulls, but the Bulls are reluctant to give up a young and promising Asik, and have to absorb Miller’s rather large deal that has 2 years and 10 million left after this season. Stayed tuned as this situation unfolds.

 There is no telling how much the Grizzlies want for Mayo. The Bulls would likely have to give up one of Taj Gibson or Asik and a package of draft picks. The Mayo situation will all depend on who budges first.

Other players with larger contracts are there for the Bulls taking, but the team is unwilling to add any big deals with the uncertainty of the future collective bargaining agreement. The Bucks have offered former Bull John Salmons for practically nothing; C.J. Watson, Keith Bogans and maybe a second round pick, but the Bulls aren’t interested in absorbing his large 5 year contract. Stephen Jackson has been offered as well, but the Bulls would have to deal too many pieces (Ronnie Brewer, Asik, Watson, etc) to get him and are just not interested, once again, in absorbing a large contract and disrupting the team’s chemistry.

It will be interesting to see what falls into place as tomorrow’s deadline inches closer.

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