The T-Mac Possibility

By James Lauren 

We’ve heard it all about bringing T-mac in (or actually not bringing him in). He will un-do all the good things about this summer! He will be a disaster! He would disrupt team chemistry and play! He wont play defense! He wont work out hard! Hes a prima donna! He doesnt care about winning, hes a loser! Hes all about “I”! He runs his mouth too much!  He’s done!  But before we sign Keith Bogans, lets look at the situation a little more.

 We can SAY all we want, but the fact of the matter is, the Bulls are bringing T-Mac in to hear his side of it, let him plead his case.  Yes, I know its rare.  Can a former superstar change his attitude and become a team player?  Well, thats exactly why the Bulls have scheduled a work out with him on Monday, to find out.

 First thing is first.  The Bulls will look in depth at McGrady’s health status.  Can he still play effectively for an 82 game season?  If he can, it’s worth the risk.

 The second main aspect will be his attitude.  For the Bulls to even consider signing T-Mac, a series of questions will occur to find out if he will buy into the team concept.  Questions in hopes to reveal whether Tracy is for real and about winning, or if the horror stories about him are true.

If McGrady were to be signed, he must agree upon several aspects.  A) This is Derrick Rose’s team B) you are not guaranteed a starting spot, playing time is earned and C) this is about being a part of a team and winning.  If T-Mac is serious about winning first and joining the Bulls (which he has indicated through his tweets), and can sell himself on being part of a team concept, the possibility of signing the former All Star could be a possibility.

 So as the debate rages on and as Monday approaches, the question about adding T-Mac comes down to if.  If T-mac agrees to being a team player, adding him is possible.  If T-Mac thinks hes T-mac of 2003, say good bye. 

 And if he is a “changed man”, a healthy, team player, hes clearly worth the risk.  The risk outweighs the reward incredibly.  A player who could add much needed scoring and star power.  A best case scenario, he becomes a valuable side-kick to Rose and Boozer and helps contribute to a long playoff run… and shakes his haunted past of being labeled a “loser”.  Joining the Bulls could be great motivation for him to move to the next chapter of his career, becoming a winner.  It could make for great entertainment for Bulls fans.

 Or we can sign Keith Bogans

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