Bulls target Morrow

a_morrow3.jpgBy Victor Bellan (Tech)

The Bulls will contact Anthony Morrow of the Golden State Warriors.  Morrow, a restricted free agent, is exactly what the Bulls need.  He is a deadly 3-point shooter who can spread the floor for Derrick Rose.  He’s also young and athletic and a player who can grow with the nucleus in place.   The one issue is the Warriors can match any offer the Bulls give being that Morrow is a restricted free agent.  Its unknown whether the Bulls will be willing to slightly overpay for Morrow.  In order to grab him and to have the best chance for the Warriors not to match, we would likely have to give a 5 year, 25-30 million dollar deal (which is the max he can recieve). 

With the way this offseason is going with over paid contracts, it might be neccessary to give Morrow such a deal.  I mean, even Drew Gooden was able to get 5 years, 30 million.  It really might turn out to be a great investment anyway, Morrow is young and could end up being a steal in the long run.

If the Bulls aren’t willing to pay for Morrow or fear the Warriors will match, look for the Bulls to sign more obvious and lesser options, such as Kyle Korver, whom the Bulls have been in contact with.  Other players the Bulls have discussed include Mike Miller, Ronnie Brewer, J.J. Redick (who is also restricted), Matt Barnes, Roger Mason, Rasual Butler, Quentin Richardson and Wesley Matthews (restricted).

 Lastly, the Bulls are exploring trade options.  Michael Redd of the Bucks is an option which is actively being explored but the Bulls are trying to find out as much information as possible about his health status.  They may also look into Gilbert Arenas, who is clearly available and could easily be had, but Bulls management is split on the possibility.  Some believe we should trade for Arenas to send a message to the Heat that the Bulls are for real about competing and to match their aggressive approach.  Yet torn on the idea of bringing in someone of such bad character to the locker room.  Arenas’ character, past health issues and contract are ultimately what could hold the Bulls back on that option.


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